Myself and my painting

The artist

My painting is non representational. It appeals to the imagination and our sense of fantasy.
Yet, at the same time, it is ofter deeply rooted in reality.
In it, I depict my everyday life with its highly emotional moments, such as boat trips, dancing, music, and its moments of tenderness, inquisitiveness and amusement derived from the world around me: the children, the people, the street. I also indulge in moments of day dreaming where I conjure up characters and scenarios that come straight from my imagination, purely for fun.
I retain the shapes, colours and movements of the real world and I incorporate them into my drawing and the composition of my pictures but the object itself vanishes and I play with the shapes and colours. I watch a man on a crane in the street. I am fascinated by the scene. This is the subject matter for my next picture/painting: "the man on the crane".
I feel a child-like joy.
I have a sense of enormous freedom.
My brushstrokes are like a dance.
I once read that in certain primitives tribes the artists were both painters and dancers and that the act of painting went along side with ritual dances. And sometime I imagine that there's perhaps something of this kind of quality in my work. For me, painting and movement are closely associated. The only limits I set are my own: my search for a balance in the shapes and a harmony in the colours.
For me, painting is a means of transcending everyday reality, a means of self-renewal, and I want it to be cheerful and invigorating both for myself and others.